Unlike the ordinary leaf chain which the load of the chain will be concentrated at a fixed point, causing abnormal wear on the small axis. The MF chain uses the internal cambus to distribute the force of the chain evenly on the points of the small axis. In addition, coupled with the special design of the oil seal, it blocks external dust and effectively retains the factory oil completely inside the chain for continuous maintenance. MF’s chain size design is completely designed according to international specifications, so it can be easily replaced with existing products.

Features of MF Chain

  1. Anti-rust: The port chain is exposed to the environment with humidity and salt in the air, so the design of MF uses special coating to greatly delay the chain rust.
  2. Chain maintenance: The special structure design of MF will leave the oil in the chain. Maintenance only needs to focus on the appearance of the chain, which greatly reduces the maintenance oil and time.
  3. Lower down maintenance cost: The maintenance frequency of the chain can also be greatly reduced.

4. Increased service life: The design of the inner Cambus will improve the size of the chain hole, effectively improve the chain’s wear resistance, and naturally extend the chain’s service life.

5. Environmental protection: The maintenance of port chains generally uses a large amount of oil products, and waste oil also flows into the sea to pollute the environment. MF chain greatly reduces the use of maintenance oil, and also contributes to environmental protection.