MCC design and manufacture the highest quality chain products to help prevent equipment downtime, increase production capacity, provide reliable operation, and reduce operating costs. We offer you a wealth of products, with sales experts, customer service and maintenance support teams, ready to work for you.

MF Harbor Leaf Chain


MF Series leaf chain has an extra bush assembled on the inner link to distribute the load evenly on the pin. Additional O-Ring seals keep the grease locked inside to reduce chain wearing and extend chain service life.

Wood Mill Chain


Sinex’s series of dust-proof chains designed for highly dusty environments in wood mill, keep the chain effectively lubricated, have a longer life, avoid chain seizure and downtime, and allow the equipment to run smoothly.

High Strength Stainless Steel Chain


MEGA CHAINS is a newly designed stainless steel chain, which overcomes the problems of ordinary stainless steel chain elongation too fast, easy to wear, small shaft detachment, etc., with high strength, large load, wear resistance, greatly extended life.

Sewage Treatment Chain


MCC sewage treatment chain is made of non-metallic engineering plastic, light weight, easy to install, durable, corrosion-resistant and high tensile strength. Widely used in municipal sewage, industrial wastewater and water treatment projects of various chains, mud scraper scraper traction chain.

Precesion Roller Chain


MCC has full line of roller chain product, with various US and European standard chains, as well as heavy-duty, Booth chain, double-pitch chain, straight waist chain and so on. .

Special Chain


MCC produce variety of customized chains, including hollow shaft chains, self-lubricating chains, side-bend chains, engineering plastic inner link light conveyor chains, drive chains, multiple chains, engineering plastic roller Chains, sharp-edged chains, and more.

Automotive Timing Chain


MCC produces automotive chains including silent chains and timing chains, which are stable and reliable, and have excellent quality. These chains meet international standards and are easy to replace.