About us

On January 1977, the 1st MING CHANG plant was founded in Ping-Ting City, south of TAIWAN, we started to manufacture bicycle chains. 

Since then, MING CHANG was consistently devoted to the production of premium chains for over three decades. Today, we have a total of 150 employees, 2 plants at sizes 16500M2 and 4600M2 in Ping-Tung; supply precision of standard roller chains, leaf chains, special attachment chains and also thousands of different types of custom made chain products.  

◆ In 1977, 1st plant was founded and Bicycle Chains were manufactured.

◆ In 1978, Motorcycle Chains were manufactured.

◆ In 1983, Standard Roller Chains were manufactured.

◆ In 1992, Automobile Chains, Timing Chains and BS series Roller Chains were manufactured.

◆ In 1996, ISO 9002-94 was approved. At the same year, Forklift Leaf Chains, Attachment Chains and also Special Chains were manufactured. 

◆ In 1997, when the building project for the second plant was completed, and thus, the operation started.

◆ In 1999, Stainless Steel Chains were manufactured.

◆ In 2000, Mega Chains, which are longer life stainless steel chains, were developed.

◆ In 2003, ISO 9001:2008 was approved.

◆ In 2005, the brand MAXTOP was introduced.